Monday, 22 November 2010


Greetings guys

We've been doing some sessions last week and recorded our first demo.
to keep it short:

this is the result


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dem Triggers

Hey folks

Time for another post. Can't see any real progress in my playing lately, since I'm away from the kit all the time. I use my weekends to practice like a madman though. I don't follow any routines atm though to be honest. It's mostly playing along to fast songs and just random Blast Beat/Double Bass Jams. I feel like my blasts have no consistency at all right now. Funnily enough, it's my right arm that is the issue. Isn't that supposed to be my strong arm? Anyways, I'm trying to get some consistency into the 220 bpm area, so I mostly play 1349 and Belphegor songs to practice.
I ordered some triggers from the Music store to make my bass drum a little more audible for band rehearsals. It's awful to be unable to hear your bassdrum over the bass player, so I went ahead and purchased the Roland Kick drum trigger. I'll probably spent most of this weekend finetuning the trigger module.
Rehearsing, despite the sound problems, is going pretty well. Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Death Covers are working pretty well already and we have some of our own material in the pipeline, so I might post a preview in the future.



Monday, 11 October 2010


Here's how my weekend went. The gig on Friday was pretty fucked though. I drank 6 beers before the show, which immediately showed after the first song. I'm fucking glad I'm used to alcohol, so I managed to not fuck up for the rest of the show. Dropped a few sticks though, haha. Other than that, it was awesome. A fellow drummer brought his kit, really nice, except I had to stick with his setup.I eventually managed to make it work for me though.
I got home on Saturday and played the shit out of my kit at home. It's been a while. What I immediately noticed: Double Bass went surprisingly smooth. I was expecting to fuck up pretty badly after a 5 days break of practice, but nothing like that. Did some medium-fast runs at 180 bpm and some faster stuff at ~200 bpm. I'll probably stick with taking longer breaks from double bass, because wow, that actually helps a lot. My muscles were really relaxed and I was pretty much flying because of this. Great discovery for me.
Had the second rehearsal with my band on sunday, before I got back to the dorms. Morbid Angel - "Maze of torment" already sounds really good. The other two guys are incredible, even though they lack experience, since they never played in bands, but they learn fans. They're obviously pretty talented, if they get Maze Of Torment down after just a week, haha. Coming up is some Cannibal Corpse, Death and Dismember. Too bad they chose songs I don't know, so I guess I'll have some nice work to do this week, as in listen to these bands all the time, lol. Should be fun. I already started working on some material in Guitar Pro for us, which has potential to be fucking killer, buuuuut, it still has a long way to go.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

positively out of place

First of, to answer a few questions:
No, I'm probably not as good as Portnoy, because I lack ~20 years of experience. haha
And to answer the other question: I'm from Germany.
So I just moved into my new tiny place... no room to practice whatsoever. I brought my Electronic drums with me, but I really miss the big kit. The atmosphere isn't quite right yet, haha. (and my pedals are sliding all over the place, fucking linoleum)
I have a gig on Friday though, should be good. I have no idea what drums I'll be playing on, but someone will surely set something up. I'm fucked otherwise, lol.
Can't wait to go home this weekend to finally get some time behind my kit again.

Cheers guys, nice to see a few people tuning in once every while.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Boring-ass day

Hi guys.
Well, today was rather boring. I'm kinda pissed at my Axis Pedals, because something seems loose and I can't find the source of the problem, but I hope to fix it tomorrow. I've been jamming out some 1349 and it's pretty tough on hands, because Frost always seems to surprise you with insane fills and blistering fast blasts. (oh lawdie) I'm learning to play Chasing Dragons, but have to get a few parts right still. But definitely amazing fun to play along. Also played some Dream Theater today. Erotomania has to be my favourite instrumental by them. The distorted organs and layed back patterns work together so well. Also some nice cymbal work going on in that song.
Been on working on my hands for a bit aswell. Short burts of 250 bpm singles today, because I need my hands to surpass the barrier, that I get at ~215bpm. George Kollias provides some nice exercises for hand technique. I'm alternating 8th and 16th notes 2, 3 or 4 bars each, which is a really great exercise, since you can burst out the 250bpm, but get to relax for a bit afterwards before you explode again. Intense Metal Drumming by George Kollias, hands down the best instructional dvd for metal players. (along side Derek Roddy's)



Friday, 24 September 2010

back from rehearsing

well, yeah.
After a few cups of coffee and 4 hours of rehearsing songs I'm finally back home.
For those who don't know (virtually everyone at this point): I'm playing in a few bands and today I was rehearsing with one of them. We're doing covers of Rock/Pop from like the last few decades. AC/DC, CCR, RHCP to name a few bands. I'm only using an E-kit to keep the overall volume down for rehearsing, which makes everything much more relaxed... and listening to each other is a lot easier aswell. The fun part is, that I have to do backing vocals in that band. For anyone who tried to sing and drum at the same time... you know it's a mess to get things going for the first time haha. But I'm learning a lot and it's tons of fun.
Other than that, I've been working on my feet again today and unsurprisingly I'm back where I started yesterday. Balance issues and the strokes are all over the place. I messed around with throne height and spring tension, but it just didn't feel quite right. I figured I had a bad day and just started jamming out a few songs to keep my daily practice routine.
also, thanks for all the followers I already gathered, much appreciated.
If anyone has a drumming related question, I gladly answer them as good as I can in my blog entries from now on. I'm not a professional though, so I have a few limits, heh.



ps: enjoy some Derek Roddy

Thursday, 23 September 2010

First Entry *applause*

Well, time to start the fun shall we?
First off, I'm a drummer and I intend this blog to be some sort of practice diary. Telling the world about ways I practice and share thoughts and experiences. Sharing all that is just some sort of experiment to me, but I think it can potentially be a lot of fun. It's not like many will give a damn about this topic, but this is more for myself anyway.
I'm currently stuck with playing on a shitty Basix 5 piece with a a mix of Sabian, Stagg and Paiste Cymbals. It's still enough for practicing, haha.
Today I focused on getting foot technique going. I feel like I struggle a lot at double bass at tempi like 140-180 bpm. I fatigue quickly and I'm easily thrown of balance. I started at 130 bpm 16th notes and kept increasing the speed 5bpm in 5 minute intervals. I at least made it to 150. haha. Hopefully the results are still there tomorrow.