Monday, 27 September 2010

Boring-ass day

Hi guys.
Well, today was rather boring. I'm kinda pissed at my Axis Pedals, because something seems loose and I can't find the source of the problem, but I hope to fix it tomorrow. I've been jamming out some 1349 and it's pretty tough on hands, because Frost always seems to surprise you with insane fills and blistering fast blasts. (oh lawdie) I'm learning to play Chasing Dragons, but have to get a few parts right still. But definitely amazing fun to play along. Also played some Dream Theater today. Erotomania has to be my favourite instrumental by them. The distorted organs and layed back patterns work together so well. Also some nice cymbal work going on in that song.
Been on working on my hands for a bit aswell. Short burts of 250 bpm singles today, because I need my hands to surpass the barrier, that I get at ~215bpm. George Kollias provides some nice exercises for hand technique. I'm alternating 8th and 16th notes 2, 3 or 4 bars each, which is a really great exercise, since you can burst out the 250bpm, but get to relax for a bit afterwards before you explode again. Intense Metal Drumming by George Kollias, hands down the best instructional dvd for metal players. (along side Derek Roddy's)




  1. wow really cool to read about man. good luck

  2. Are you as good as Portnoy yet? Why not??

  3. Nice update bro. I always wanted to get into drumming.. I have a set, but just lack the willpower. Which country are you from may I ask, good sir?