Friday, 24 September 2010

back from rehearsing

well, yeah.
After a few cups of coffee and 4 hours of rehearsing songs I'm finally back home.
For those who don't know (virtually everyone at this point): I'm playing in a few bands and today I was rehearsing with one of them. We're doing covers of Rock/Pop from like the last few decades. AC/DC, CCR, RHCP to name a few bands. I'm only using an E-kit to keep the overall volume down for rehearsing, which makes everything much more relaxed... and listening to each other is a lot easier aswell. The fun part is, that I have to do backing vocals in that band. For anyone who tried to sing and drum at the same time... you know it's a mess to get things going for the first time haha. But I'm learning a lot and it's tons of fun.
Other than that, I've been working on my feet again today and unsurprisingly I'm back where I started yesterday. Balance issues and the strokes are all over the place. I messed around with throne height and spring tension, but it just didn't feel quite right. I figured I had a bad day and just started jamming out a few songs to keep my daily practice routine.
also, thanks for all the followers I already gathered, much appreciated.
If anyone has a drumming related question, I gladly answer them as good as I can in my blog entries from now on. I'm not a professional though, so I have a few limits, heh.



ps: enjoy some Derek Roddy


  1. obligatory question but,

    who was the best drummer of all time?

  2. Buddy Rich - great drummer, or greatest drummer?

  3. Might agree with Pinksock on this one. Greatest?

  4. Best thing about drumming is you only need to know the time signature haha