Wednesday, 6 October 2010

positively out of place

First of, to answer a few questions:
No, I'm probably not as good as Portnoy, because I lack ~20 years of experience. haha
And to answer the other question: I'm from Germany.
So I just moved into my new tiny place... no room to practice whatsoever. I brought my Electronic drums with me, but I really miss the big kit. The atmosphere isn't quite right yet, haha. (and my pedals are sliding all over the place, fucking linoleum)
I have a gig on Friday though, should be good. I have no idea what drums I'll be playing on, but someone will surely set something up. I'm fucked otherwise, lol.
Can't wait to go home this weekend to finally get some time behind my kit again.

Cheers guys, nice to see a few people tuning in once every while.


  1. As Uncle Nihilio said, good luck with your gig. Do the best you can, because sometimes these things can be important towards your next big gig.